10 Ways To Wear Scarf in Summer

scarves Apr 01, 2022

It may appear absurd to wear a scarf in summer just like wearing shorts in the winter, but a lightweight scarf can be a valuable piece as the weather warms up. One thing to keep in mind if you want to sport this versatile piece this hot and humid season is the choice of fabric. Pick something light and airy. Anything knit or thick is simply too warm for the summer and should be saved for the fall or winter.

There are several options of fabric to choose from if you want to wear a scarf this summer season like cotton, linen, chiffon, light jersey, or silk. These fabrics are proven to be reliable to use for sweltering heat and humidity

We know how dressing up and pulling off a new look every day during the summer season might be a challenge because we can't really play with coats and jackets as much as we can in the winter. Using a lightweight scarf, on the other hand, will help to give an interesting detail to your clothing. The scarves are especially ideal for summer because of their lovely designs and vibrant colors. We've put together a unique guide to help you figure out how to incorporate a scarf into your summer ensembles. 

  1. Headscarf
  • This is not only a stylish way to pull off in summer but also acts as a protection from the damaging rays of the sun.

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  1. Alternative Top
  • If you’re wanting to spruce up your drawer, this is currently the top choice, especially for hot summer days at the beach  —even if they are not technically considered as a top.

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  1. Kimono/Cardigan
  • If you’ve got a large scarf, you can make a kimono out of it. It is seen as a staple in summer, most especially at the beach, theme parks, or even in music festivals.

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  1. Bandeau
  • Make a sleek bandeau out of a silk scarf and pair it with a good fancy jacket and skirt for an inexpensive and creative wardrobe upgrade!

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  1. Belt
  • Wearing a scarf as a belt is a style hack that no one has told you about yet. Just wrap it around the loops of your trouser or jean belt and tie a knot in the front. You'll adore how it dresses up denim or adds a splash of design to your trousers. If you're wearing a dress, you can just wrap it around your waist and it will instantly refresh the look of your clothing without costing you a dime.

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  1. Around the neck
  • The simplest and most classic way to wear a scarf is around the neck. Just simply wrap the silk scarf around your neck, drape it over your chest, or tie the remaining strands into a beautiful knot at the bottom.

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  1. As a third piece layer
  • There is power in the third piece! We understand how boring and limiting it feels to wear a cotton tee and shorts in the summer. However, just as we layer our clothes in the cold, we may do it in the summer. The key is to select "lightweight."

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  1. Hat Decoration
  • If you want to make a statement with your summer hats, this is an easy-peasy style hack. Simply tie the scarf around your hat and you'll have that stylish look in no time. While wandering along the beach, this will undoubtedly make you stand out.

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  1. Front Twist of Halter top
  • If you’re into TikTok, you have probably watched some creators or fashion influencers doing a tutorial on how to make your silk scarf into a halter top. For a laid-back summer vibe, pair this top with espadrilles.

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  1. Cover-up
  • A silk scarf is a terrific accessory if you're one of those conservative girls who doesn't feel comfortable revealing their bum at the beach or if you just want to add accent to your bikinis.

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