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10 Ways To Wear Scarf in Summer

It may appear absurd to wear a scarf in summer just like wearing shorts in the winter, but a lightweight scarf can be a valuable piece as the weather warms up. One thing to keep in mind if you want to sport this versatile piece this hot and humid season is the choice of fabric. Pick something light and airy. Anything knit or thick is simply too warm for the summer and should be saved for the fall or winter.

There are several options of fabric to choose from if you want to wear a scarf this summer season like cotton, linen, chiffon, light jersey, or silk. These fabrics are proven to be reliable to use for sweltering heat and humidity

We know how dressing up and pulling off a new look every day during the summer season might be a challenge because we can't really play with coats and jackets as much as we can in the winter. Using a lightweight scarf, on the other hand, will help to give an interesting detail to your clothing. The scarves are especially ideal for summer because of...

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