One Simple Accessory Retailers are Using to Generate 20% Higher Profits  Every Month


What do these celebrities and fashion gurus have in common?

They use ADA belts as their secret styling weapon to create a waist, pull together their outfit, cover seam lines, and add the final polishing piece to ever look. 


Belts designed to transform

  • improve outfits on mannequins 
  • help clothing fit better on customers 
  • create opportunity to style customers
  • increase sales of clothing
  • increase sales by cross-styling

    a belt for every body

7 Simple Ways to Increase Sales with an ADA Belt

An ADA belt is the secret styling tool to create the ultimate experience for your customer. Imagine she walks out of the fitting room and you have a magic wand to give her a waist (only 8% of us have one) and pull together her outfit. As a bonus you'll make a cross-styling sale. 


An ADA belt is a hands-on accessory that will allow you to create a customer-focused experience.


You'll discover all the ways to transform her outfit and her silhouette. No other accessory can do both.


You'll have the secret styling weapon on hand so you'll never hear "this doesn't lay right" again.

Now that we've showed you the possibilities to style with ADA belts, let's take a look at the sales benefits from this collection, below.


What Can You Achieve with an ADA belt?

ADA belts were designed to create the ultimate styling experience and help you create show stopping outfits. We thought it through - versatilty, one-size, color, comfort, quality, multiple ways to tie and wear for personalization - its no wonder ADA belts are carried in over 1,500 better retail boutiques nationwide and have been become the #1 styling accessory in the country. 

ADA belts are a styling weapon. And here's the best part. We don't leave it up you, the stylist, to figure out how to use it. We provide you with videos, styling guides, merchandising visuals - the entire package - so you can increase your sales and increase the experience for your customer.


Use ADA belts to bring in color and texture to your store. Style on manequins and sell more clothing. 





ADA belts are different from most belts because they are versatile, most one-size and can be tied and worn in multiple ways to personalise every outfit in your store.



All belts are handmade by artisans in Argentina using genuine Argetinean leather so you can sell the collection with pride and show that authentic artistry is still alive.


Increase the value of an outfit and make it look more expensive with a quality leather belt that will give the ultimate polished and expensive look to every outfit.



About the Designer

Ada has been designing belts for over 14+ years and is the creator of a 300+ member online style academy for professional women.  Her work is featured regularly in fashion magazines, tv segments and she's a highly sought out marketing coach to entrepreneurs around the world. 


The belts make the outfit!

"We have customers that arent a "belt woman" so when they come out of the dressing room we have our ADA belts close by dressing room door. We yank one off, put it on them, show them a cool way to tie it ... and all of a sudden... their face lights up!

They understand that their outfits can go from day to night and over a shift dress that is more figure flattering. 

All the options we have from ADA collection helps us style women that come in."

Dailee, Store Manager and Head Stylist


It truly is one of the most versatile pieces in my closet.

"I love this exact belt. It gives flowy dresses shape. It works on all body shapes and types. It works on plus sizes and on all your size zeros. It truly is one of the most versatile pieces in my closet." 

Lanie Beth Sinclair, Wardrobe Stylist


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